recubit body render


Recubit is a robotic therapy aid that is empowering therapists to provide more care to their patients.

It's an intelligent smart arm, that reduces the physical burden on a therapist enabling them to focus on all parts of a patient’s limb during therapy.

Our device also operates independently, moving a patients arm with no patient input, adjusting the level of assistance as a patient progresses.

Unlike many other devices, the ReCubit has been designed to allow patient interaction with real world objects as well as gamified technology.

Meet the Team


Vincent Crocher

  • PhD in use of robotic devices for stroke patient rehabilitation
  • 5 years postdoctoral experience in tools for rehabilitation

Justin Fong

  • PhD in engineering methods for stroke patient modelling and rehabilitation
  • Technical experience in control, robotics and software

Andrew Rowse

  • Masters of Entrepreneurship & B.Eng(Mech)
  • Previous experience in marketing and branding with companies such as Nike & Redbull

Next Steps...

If you would like to be involved, please reach out to hear more or request a demonstration