ReCubit, a new way of providing therapy

ReCubit is all about empowering therapists to be able to provide the best care for their patients

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Why stroke impacts upon all of us

Every 9 minutes, an Australian has a stroke. That is over 55,000 each year

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The ReCubit story thus far and ahead

When great technology meets innovative minds, anything is possible

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Recubit is a robotic therapy aid that is empowering therapists to provide more care to their patients.

It's an intelligent smart arm, that reduces the physical burden on a therapist enabling them to focus on all parts of a patient’s limb during therapy.

Our device also operates independently, moving a patients arm with no patient input, adjusting the level of assistance as a patient progresses.

Unlike many other devices, the ReCubit has been designed to allow patient interaction with real world objects as well as gamified technology.

recubit body render

Next Steps...

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